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A local married couple concocted a frozen treat to help keep Nassuvians cool in the upcoming summer months. 

Pulpy, a mobile ice cream spot, is the brainchild of Shaquille and Anthonique Coleby. 

Mrs. Coleby said, “ my husband is a sweet tooth. We kinda have to stop him from going for ice cream every day. So, this is something that he always wanted to do. In The Bahamas, we live in a tropical climate and its always a good time to have ice cream. We like the innovative way of doing things. You can add so much flavors and variations, you can get creative with ice cream in just a split second.” 

The Colebys combine everything from tropical fruits to cookies to create their sweet masterpieces with just one flick of the wrist. 

The first step consists of pouring a “base” cream on to the ice cream rolling machine. They flavor the based on the customers order, our news team requested guava. Next, the couple uses two spatulas to chop and blend the contents together so that the flavor can be experienced in every little bite. 

The ice cream rolling machine then solidifies the cream allowing them to scoop or roll the ice cream into one unique treat. The Colebys then top with caramel and other sweet toppings. 

Pulpy is also the winner for the OWN Bahamas initiative launched by Sebastian Bastian earlier this month. 

This enabled the couple to purchase the necessary items to push the business forward. 

Pulpy was officially launched last year at Paradise Plates, an invent in collaboration with Hands for Hunger. 

The business which started out with just regular sundaes,  has evolved into an art form with their innovative presentation. 

If anyone is interested in tasting these delicious works of art, they are encouraged to check out Pulpy’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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