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Letter to the Editor- Hubert Ingraham Can’t Be Serious

Hubert Ingraham Can’t Be Serious

Dear Editor,

When I heard on Thursday, January 24 that former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham will now vote no and he is asking Bahamians to do so, I was shocked. I was even more shocked to hear him complaining of the illegality of web shops and how open they have been in the referendum

Mr. Ingraham should remember that he was the prime minister from 2007-2012. During this time web shops opened here, there and everywhere. He had to pass them to go to work. He had to pass them to go to lunch. He had to pass them to go home. Yet, that same man and his government did not shut them down. Now he is complaining about the boldness of the web shop owners?

Mr. Ingraham was just on TV this week saying he would not vote. Now all of a sudden he is voting and has a position and we must follow it? I thought Mr. Ingraham was retired. Why is he getting in this fight?

In the last term, Mr. Ingraham’s government went as far as preparing draft legislation to legalise the numbers business. This was a quiet hush-hush thing they were doing. The criticism by the church shut that down. Mr. Ingraham’s party put in its Manifesto that it would have a gambling referendum. And now he is saying vote no?

Bahamians, let’s vote based on what we think is best. The politicians are confusing this issue for their personal gain. Some of them have contradicted themselves so much that they have lost credibility on this issue – and I think PLPs and FNMs have lost some credibility in this process.

I am voting yes because I want to be free to choose what I want to do with my money in my country. It is as simple as that. Mr. Ingraham should not get in this. He is retired and should stay on the sideline and enjoy his retirement.

Yours truly,

Darwin R. Luther

Written by Jones Bahamas

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