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Leaked Curfew Extension Order Upsets Wells

Cherika Johnson, Journal Staff Writer

Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly and Minister of Transport Renward Wells confirmed that a document was leaked, which indicates an extension of the emergency order for another 30 days.

A document circulated social media stating that the House of Assembly “approves the continuance of the proclamation of emergency until the 30th day of April.”

In a voice note to his constituents of Bamboo Town, the upset minister pointed a finger at the opposition party for the leakage of the document.

Outside of Cabinet of Tuesday, Attorney General Carl Bethel stated that the 24-hour lockdown may extend with the advice of medical personnel.

But he said it will be debated in the House of Assembly on Monday.

Minister Wells said, “The House of Assembly is meeting on Monday, the 30th. The order initially called for 14 days, but the law gives the government the right to be able to extend the 14 days to a further 30 days. And then after that 30 days is up, to extend the order to another 30 days for a total of 74 days.

“Not that the government would do that, but that the government could do that. But in order for that to happen before the first 14 days is up, the government has to come to the House of Assembly to debate the issue or extend the issue past the 14 days to a further 30 days. That has not yet been done.”

Mr. Wells said before the first 14 day expires, the government has to debate the issue extending the order.

Therefore, the government meets on the 13th day of the first order, which is March 30, he added.

Wells said the government will follow the advice of medical personnel and look at covid-19 patterns around the world and in the country, and will then make a decision based on its assessment.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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