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“Leadership Crisis Affects the Nation,” Says Dr. Johnson

CEO of Global Village Group of Companies Dr. Showalter Johnson said The Bahamas is suffering from a major leadership crisis that is hindering the country from evolving.

As a guest on the popular talk show Jones and Co. last week, Dr. Johnson told Host Wendall Jones that the Bahamas has not yet experienced leadership that will push the economy towards progression. He said the country’s lack of great leaders has caused it to be stagnant.

“From what I’m seeing, there are more leaders following rules than creating them,” he said.

“They are creating alternatives for our country. They are creating alternative ideas so we need game changing leadership. We need someone to manage the innovation of diversity and of gifts and ideas. Diversity is the cornerstone of creativity. What happens when we raise up leaders that say they are over our economy? Our leaders need to know that they are to lead innovation because they have to position and administrate to interface and not to fight.”

Dr. Johnson called for the leaders of the country to create more opportunities for the Bahamian people to help in their mental, social and financial growth.

He called for the government to be more innovative with their initiatives in a way that would not only benefit themselves, but the economy.

“A leader creates opportunities,” he said.

“An opportunity is a part of creativity. This is what innovation is. Innovation is freedom in the midst of constraints. The government should be able to provide that. Religious, political, and all leaders need to provide that.”

Dr. Johnson, in an effort to teach better leadership, is preparing for the annual Commonwealth Economic Yearly Summit (CEYS) where he will bring dozens of international billionaires and major leaders of industries across the global spectrum who will convene at a round table to discuss economics as it relates to financial tenacity and resolutions towards the establishment of a strategic framework.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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