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Labour Minister Explains New Appointments

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Minister of Labour, Senator Dion Foulkes, said that as a result of wanting to take the labour department of the country in a different direction, there is a shift in management in the Department of Labour. 

The appointment of an acting Director of Labour, former Bahamas Public Services Union President, John Pinder, pushed the former Labour Director Robert Farquharson to the position of Executive Manager in the Ministry of Labour. Mr. Foulkes said making the adjustment in management was necessary.

“The cabinet of the Bahamas decided to step in a new direction with respect to the department and that is a decision that the government made. 

“He [Mr. Farquharson] will be working directly with our permanent secretary and also directly with me as minister. 

“I want to thank Mr. Farquharson for the excellent job he has done over the years. He has made significant improvement at the department and also with respect of the labour relations in the country. 

“I also want to wish Mr. Pinder well and I look forward to working closely with him,” Mr. Foulkes said.

While speaking with reporters before the weekly Cabinet meeting, Mr. Foulkes, when asked about union leaders becoming critically involved in the labour department in recent times, said that it has always been a tradition.

“We have traditionally, had I think, with the exception maybe of one person in the history of the Department of Labour, who did not at some point was involved with the trade union movement. 

“But I must say that they have all been fair to both sides and I am sure that Mr. Pinder would continue in that tradition. 

“I am a trade unionist. I came up in the trade union movement. I was a member of the hotel union, but I try to be fair to the union and also to the employers at all times, I am sure that Mr. Pinder will do likewise,” Mr. Foulkes said. 

As to whether this position was created for Mr. Farquharson, or simply created to provide more jobs, Mr. Foulkes said that the position was not created to facilitate Mr. Farquharson.  

“No, it wasn’t created for him, but it is a new position Mr. Farquharson is assigned to the Ministry of Labour and he will be working directly with Mr. Pinder and the department.  

Mr. Farquharson and Mr. Pinder’s appointments became effective May 22, 2018.

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