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JNCP Launches Junkanoo Think Tank

Officials of the Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence (JCNP) says “Junkanoo can help us face the challenges of today” and they will aim to do so through the launch of the JCNP Think Tank that will develop a road map for the Junkanoo community.

The initiative will focus on making Junkanoo more than just “Getting to Bay”.

Some 15 avid junkanooers have come together to determine how best to use the popular cultural parade to boost the local economy.

JCNP Think Tank Chairperson Noelle Nicolls says the time has long past for Bahamians to look deeper into the impact of Junkanoo as the nation faces great challenges with poverty, crime prevention, education and wealth creation.

“The Think Tank was charged with the responsibility of exploring the untapped potential of Junkanoo,” she said.

“Junkanoo is having tremendous impact on our communities that is not being recognized or fully quantified from an economic, social and cultural point of view. Look at the number of entrepreneurs, the casual vendors who sell from street side stalls and the backs of cars that earn a living from vending at Junkanoo practices and parades.”

The group has been meeting since March 2014 on a voluntary basis subsequently putting together a five-year strategic plan they are ready to share with the public in the near future.

“The JCNP is made up of the leaders of Junkanoo groups in New Providence. They assembled our team because we have the space to lift our heads up and look down the road. They know we will be relentless public advocates on behalf of Junkanoo, and not just in New Providence, but across The Bahamas,” Ms. Nicolls said.

“It is our intent that our work will pave the way for an unprecedented investment in Junkanoo.”

The JCNP Think Tank is an independent advisory board comprised of Bahamians from a cross section of disciplines.

The 15-member team includes the likes of Bishop Arnold Josey, Archdeacon James Palacious, and Magistrate Renae Mckay.


Moving forward meetings will be open to others in the community to get involved during the last three Saturday’s in August the 13th, 20th and the 27th.


The venue will be announced at a later date.



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