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Investigations Underway Into Oil Spill

Minister of Environment and Housing Kenred Dorsett confirmed in the House of Assembly yesterday that two biological environmental engineers arrived in New Providence to beginning investigating the source of the latest oil spill to impact the south western area of the capitol.

The engineers are from Coastal Systems International based in Florida.

“A briefing meeting was held at the Ministry of Works and Urban Development at 8:30 am for all government stakeholders and advisors, including officials from The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), Mr. Dorsett said. “As we speak, the government’s response team and our environmental consultants are inspecting the relevant properties, including BEC’s Clifton Pier Plant.

“We expect to receive a report from our consultants as quickly as possible and upon receipt and consideration of the report; the public will be advised of our next steps.”

The minister added that he and the government are both resolved and committed to fixing the problem and that it will not be business as usual.

Mr. Stuart Cove, owner of Stuart’s Cove confirmed to the Journal that consultants did visit his property yesterday and seemed to be “very serious’’.

Mr. Cove said that he is very encouraged by the encouraging words of Minister Dorsett and the government and he is looking forward to seeing what happens.

However, Sam Duncombe of ReEarth, reiterated her concerns about the recent oil spill.

“We want in on those meetings,” she said. “We want to be a part of what the decisions are, what the problems are exactly and to know how they intend to fix those problems.

“We want a seat at that table. We want to be included in what’s going on in our neighborhood, in our communities and in our countries and you know what? We have a right to know. It’s always done under the radar like we’re children and we can’t deal with it. This is our country.’’

Both she and Mr. Cove said they are eagerly awaiting a confirmed source of the spill as well as a solution.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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