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“I’m Funding the FNM,” Says Smith

Noted Queen’s Council Fred Smith has confirmed accusations made by Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell that he is helping fund the Free National Movement’s campaign.


In a roughly minute long video that has circulated via social media, an unapologetic Smith said he will do everything in his power to ensure the PLP is removed from office.


“I saw Fred Mitchell in Nassau carrying on bad about me saying I’m giving the FNM money.


“Of course I’m giving the FNM money. I want you and the rest of your PLP cronies out of office on May 10th. Stop whining, crying carrying on bad, if you want some of my money ask for it. Just say please buddy, I might give you some,” Mr. Smith said.


Mr. Mitchell got a hold of the video and responded to his accusations being confirmed while speaking to party supporters during the PLP’s mass rally in Ramsey, Exuma.


“So Fred Smith puts out a videotape in which he confesses the source of the money is just as we thought. He said in the video, I am giving money to the FNM and where is this money coming from?


“Let’s go back, the parliament was told last year that $8 million passed through his account to go to Save The Bays, which is an environmental organization that has been engaged in attacking the PLP for the 15 months. That’s the source of the money,” Mr. Mitchell said.


Agriculture Minister V. Alfred Gray also responded to the video by saying the FNM is trying to resurrect “The Bay Street Boys” mentality of the pre-independence era.


“They are trying to bring the white Bay Street Boys back.   It also means that they want to keep the black people as ‘shoeshine boys’. Don’t forget it. They don’t want us to be as successful as they are,” Mr. Gray said.


The pair has gone back and forth over the past year with Mr. Smith accusing Mr. Mitchell of abusing his parliamentary privilege, while Mr. Mitchell has accused Mr. Smith and members of the environmental group “Save The Bays” of trying to destabilize the government.


Last month, Mr. Mitchell threatened to file a formal complaint against Mr. Smith to the Bar Association in connection with two Cuban men who were wrongfully imprisoned in the country for nearly three years and fled to the United States after being released.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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