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Homicides Within Minutes Of Each Other

A seven-day lull ended with police scrambling to the scene of two early Friday morning murders, pushing this year’s homicide count to now one shy of 20.

Homicide detectives are on the hunt for the five men believed to be responsible for those early morning shootings which left two men dead.

One of the victims – 45-year-old Bimini resident, Hillary Cargill, also known as Conchman – was gunned down just before one Friday morning.

He was identified to the Bahama Journal by family members.

According to police, Cargill and a woman were leaving a home in Little Blair Estates when they were approached by three men, who reportedly exited a silver colored vehicle.

Central Detective Unit (CDU) Chief, Superintendent Paul Rolle explained how the events unfolded.

“The occupants in the car were driving by and upon seeing the victim they got out,” he told the Journal on Friday.

“We believe the males were known to the victim because once he saw them he started to run. One of the men fired at him. The other two men then went after him while the third man went to get the female and held on to her. They took both of them back into the home.”

Superintendent Rolle said the suspects searched the home and as they were leaving one of the men fired his weapon fatally striking Cargill in the upper body.

Cargill’s death came only minutes after crime scene investigators rushed to the Kemp Road area.

Police said the 28-year-old victim was at Apache Alley off Kemp Road around 12:35a.m. when he was approached and subsequently shot multiple times by two men who emerged from a nearby track road.

He died on the scene.

“We have information that he was involved in some feud while he was in prison,” Superintendent Rolle said.

“He was granted bail two weeks ago. His family sought to move him out of the area but he ended up going back and the guys who were pursuing him found him and took him out.”

The CDU chief said the victim was on bail for armed robbery.

Police believe that the victim knew the suspects in this case as well.

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