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Hitman’s Sentencing Expected Next Week

Months after being convicted of the murder of banker Stephen Sherman, his killer has still shown no remorse or takes any responsibility for his actions, two assessment reports revealed in the Supreme Court yesterday.

Janaldo Farrington, 24, was convicted last October of Sherman’s February 17, 2012 murder.

Sherman was killed at point-blank range outside his Yamacraw Shores home as a part of contract killing.

Farrington maintained his innocence throughout the trial and claimed that he was coerced into signing a confession admitting that he was responsible.

According to the confession, Farrington was recruited by his cousin to kill a man on behalf of his wife who wanted him dead.
Farrington confessed to waiting outside Sherman’s Yamacraw home where he held the banker and a woman at gun point before finally shooting Sherman to the back of the head at point-blank range.

Sherman’s widow, Renea Sherman and Cordero Bethel, who were initially charged along with Farrington, were eventually acquitted of all related charges.

During final submissions of the sentencing phase of the trial yesterday, the court heard reports from a social worker and psychiatrist who both conducted Farrington’s post conviction assessments.

Both assessments determined that Farrington was of sound mind and able to distinguish between right and wrong.

His probation report found that Farrington’s family described him as calm, quiet, loving and caring and said his involvement in the incident was out of character for him.

The psychiatric evaluation revealed that although Farrington had a marijuana misuse disorder, he was otherwise of a sound mind and it noted that he denies being involved in this incident.

His attorney, Murrio Ducille, said his client’s lack of remorse is consistent with the fact that Farrington maintains his innocence and even though a jury has found his client guilty, his innocence has not been disproved.

Prosecutor Sandra Gardiner said based on the nature of the crime and the Criminal Penal Code, there are only two sentences that should be considered for Farrington – either life imprisonment or the death penalty.

However, Mr. Ducille said the sentencing is left to the discretion of the court and it is the judge who decides the terms of a sentence.

Justice Roy Jones is expected to hand down sentencing next Thursday.

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