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History Update for Department of Social Services

Social Services Conclave

The Department of Social Services held a recent three-day conclave under the theme, “The History of the Department of Social Services” to clarify inaccuracies about its history. 

During the conclave retired social workers helped to bridge the gap on the history of the Department of Social Services, which has been in existence for 56 years.

Lisa Ingraham, chief welfare officer in the Research and Planning Department at the Ministry of Social Services provided insight on the purpose conclave.

“It’s a record of our history to correctly chronologize our law, policy that would have been implemented. So with correctly chronologizing to show exactly what happen from 1964, when the ministry was established today’s date, 2020,” Ingraham said. 

Ingraham added that there is some information published and the information was not accurate, but with conclave she is hoping to bring clarity to information that is already published.

“Several history documents published, but there was information that did not   clearly corroborate. That is what this conclave is about. It is to validate information and set the recorded straight. Who would ever come behind us will have a clear foundation as to where we come from and the significance of that and be able to build on that,” she said.    

Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell also explained the importance of the conclave.

“It’s very important.  It’s even more important when we are able to get it from persons who lived, breathed and work it and to see that those persons who are still sufficiently interested and compassionate wants to share obviously more  than a job,” Campbell said. 

Ingraham noted that the updated information will be published this summer.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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