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Henfield Wants China U.S Trade War Settled

The Bahamas  has apparently been  dragged into  the worsening trade dispute between The United States and China,  according to one  medium reporting on the issue . While the  Bahamian government and the Opposition may not always see eye to eye on many issues,  they  share the same view when it comes to One America News Network’s recent report alleging that China is using the absence of a U.S Ambassador   to influence The Bahamas.

“The Bahamas government would like to see any trade issues between the two largest economies in the world settled as quickly as possible, because it doesn’t bode well for the economic situation anywhere in the world.

“Invariably  it will impact negatively on The Bahamas,  as I understand some reports are indicting  that  it’s impacting negatively on those two countries at the moment,” he said.   

Hitting back at the assertion that China’s many investments in the local economy is being used as influence, Foreign Affairs Minister Darren Henfield stressed that The Bahamas is an ally of both countries,  adding that a large portion of our economy comes from foreign direct investment.

“The Bahamas has been a long time historical and traditional partner with The United States of America. Bahamians feel an absolute right to be able to go to America on a daily basis and to be able to interact with Americans. 

“Americans form a large part of the economic development of The Bahamas through tourism and since 1992, The Bahamas has recognized China’s  One China policy.

“We are friends with both nations, we are friends with both China and the United States of America. A large platform of our economy comes from Foreign Direct Investment and we consider Foreign Direct Investment from anywhere in the world.

“If it’s good for The Bahamas, we will look at it seriously and consider whether or not we will accept it,” Minister Henfield said.     

As for The Bahamas being without a U.S Ambassador, Minister Henfield said the government’s hoping the U.S ratifies someone as soon as possible. 

The  last person nominated  to assume that position was U.S Real Estate Investor and Billionaire Doug Manchester. 

However, Mr. Manchester has  encountered issues with his nomination.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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