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Health Minister Pushes NP Stem Cell Clinic

The government is hoping to develop a stem cell clinic in New Providence.

Health Minister Dr. Perry Gomez pushed the idea during the country’s very first international Stem Cell Society Global Conference held in Grand Bahama last Friday.

The Stem Cell Society is a member-based, international, non-profit trade association for the purpose of promoting interests of the global adult stem cell healthcare industry.

Medical scientists, clinicians, regulatory experts and investors from around the world attended the conference.

“I asked them if they would support the Government of The Bahamas getting a stem cell clinic in our own Princess Margaret Hospital,” the minister said. “In fact, I also spoke to several of them about pro bono work and they all seemed very favourable towards it and so, I am very optimistic for us in that arena.”

The idea of building a stem cell research centre in New Providence is not new.

Prime Minister Perry Christie said as much during an interview with reporters last September.

At the time, he indicated that a developer had submitted a formal proposal to the government to build such a facility in the capital.

The proposal is reportedly a multi-sectional expansion.

The government has also had talks with officials from the University of Miami (UM).

“They indicated that they are already investigating using stem cell – seven diseases and they would wish also really to engage in research here and much to my surprise to even extend and expand their involvement in The Bahamas then brings it into an economic interest,” Prime Minister Christie at the time, adding that his government has also met with others.
According to the prime minister, this included people who bank stem cells for the United Sates as well as a group from Canada.

Stem cells are considered “mother cells” that can duplicate any cell in the body.

It is credited to treating a myriad of diseases and disabilities including Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinal cord injury, burns, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

The country’s first stem cell clinic is expected to be up and running this summer in Grand Bahama.

The Okyanos Heart Institute will provide stem cell therapy to cardiac artery disease patients.

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