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Halkitis: Minnis Playing Victim after Political Brawl

Golden Isles Member of Parliament (MP) Michael Halkitis yesterday accused Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis of “playing victim” after an altercation between Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters and FNM supporters in the Golden Isles constituency.

The altercation, which took place among the constituents on Tuesday, made rounds on social media.

Individuals dressed in PLP and FNM clothing, carrying the respective paraphernalia could be seen in a video throwing jeers at each other.

“They are going to cry! They are going to cry! Let them go from around here,” a female can be heard chanting in the video.

Both the PLP and FNM candidates for the Golden Isles constituency reportedly planned a walkabout for the same time on that day.

Meanwhile, Mr. Halkitis in a statement on his Facebook page yesterday claimed that Dr. Minnis provoked the altercation.

“Yesterday I led another walkabout in the Golden Isles Constituency as I have been doing regularly. Knowing that Hubert Minnis and his new candidate were also doing a walkabout, I deliberately led my group west on Carmichael Road; away from my headquarters and away from the FNM headquarters to avoid any possibility of our groups clashing,” Mr. Halkitis said.

“Mr. Minnis decided that in this politically charged atmosphere he should lead his group past my headquarters where some of his supporters proceeded to verbally taunt some young men in the area,” he added.

“A heated verbal altercation resulted,” he said.

During the altercation, Dr Minnis was verbally attacked by PLP supporters who told him he could not control his own party and questioning whether he could he run the country, while shouting obscenities.

“It was unfortunate but blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of Hubert Minnis for provoking the altercation and then playing victim,” added Mr. Halkitis.

On Tuesday, Dr. Minnis along with recently ratified FNM candidate for the area Vaughn Miller, conducted their party’s walkabout.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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