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Haitian Pastor Tells Christians, “Do The Right Thing”

President of the Haitian Pastors Association, Dr. Cherelus Exante says it is the responsibility of all Christians to do the right thing when it comes to illegal immigrants. Dr. Cherelus was responding to the call for his group to turn in illegal Haitian Nationals who may have been aboard the alleged Haitian sloop found in Adelaide last week.

Speaking with this Journal, Pastor of the New Haitian Mission Baptist Church, Dr. Exante said that it’s not only Haitian pastors’ responsibility when it comes to turning in  illegal immigrants.

“This is not the responsibility for the Haitian pastors only. I think most of the Bahamian pastors on this island have a group of Haitians working with them, maybe in their yard, maybe the church, maybe in his congregation, wherever.

“So, if there is an effort to be made to send the illegals back,  I think everybody, Bahamian pastors, [and] Haitian pastors have to make the same effort,” Dr. Exante said.

With the thought that those who may have come via the abandoned sloop, have found refuge in Haitian churches, Dr. Exante said he has not seen any of the individuals or heard of where any may be.

“For me I  have  not received any new Haitian come into my church for this occasion. I am not saying that there  are  no Haitian illegals in my church, but about the boat that came  in last week I have  not seen, I have  not heard anyone  who just came in from Haiti, come in my church,” Dr. Exante said.

When asked what action he would take if those illegals do come to his church, Dr. Exante said that he has to abide by the laws that govern the country.

“Well, Immigration has to do its work. It’s not easy. The illegals come in this country they are not coming out, that means they stay where they are with their family,” Dr. Exante said.

On Monday, Bishop Simeon Hall called on Haitian pastors who are naturalized and regularized, to turn in those who are in the country illegally and seeking to find refuge and rescue in the church.

As to his thoughts on Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ ultimatum, Dr. Exante said that

“The Prime Minster is right to do his job.  He is in the position; he was elected to do his job.

“But, I think the prime minister, as we recognize this is a Christian country, has to deal with the law in the right hand and compassion in the left hand. He has to deal with both,” Dr. Exante said.

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force  is investigating reports of a Haitian wooden sloop landing in the southwest area of New Providence. The incident occurred sometime  early last Sunday morning.

No migrants were found on board.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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