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Guilt or Innocence

The dread story is always the same: —–Police officers in fear of their lives; police officers [due to the power inherent in said fair] return fire; a man is felled and as a direct consequence of said return fire, the man dies!

And thus on this blessed Monday, July 23rd. 2018, we report that: —A man wanted in connection with armed robberies and rape was shot dead after a shootout with police officers on Friday night past.; that [according to reports, shortly after 6pm, officers were dispatched to Williams Lane off Shirley Street where they discovered a suspect in a silver vehicle; that the man reversed the car, pinning two officers between vehicles before opening fire on them and that—as we have been made to understand [from the police], the officers returned fire and the man was shot dead.

The name of the dead man is Dario Tinker.

It is to be noted that the police would have the attentive public believe that: —Tinker was sitting in a small silver vehicle and that he attempted to drive off.

They would also have that same public believe that: — Tinker was able to pin   two officers between his vehicle and another and that –as alleged by the police– Tinker then produced a firearm and fired at the officers.


All we know for sure is that not only is Tinker dead but also that: —This sad-glad time is as times have been for quite a long time.

This is our solemn testimony and commentary onthe dread occasion [yet again] there is report in the wind of another police driven killing of a so-called ‘criminal’.

This time around the dead man has been identified as Dario Tinker.

From what we have been able to glean from media reports, Tinker was allegedly a rapist and a robber.

And thus today, we can and do echo this fact: —Dario Tinker once wanted by the police is now [as a result of his date with Death on Williams Lane in the Eastern District of New Providence, located due west of Freetown] is no longer wanted by the police.

Interestingly enough, Clayton Fernander –a senior police officer [in remarks to media “…issued a stern warning to criminals—-This will be the end result if you want to live that lifestyle…”

This is a most interesting observation.

Fernander went on to counsel and chide: —“…We want to send a strong warning to those persons who continue to live that lifestyle – if you do, that could be the end result if you engage the police…”

Simply put, if you decide to engage the police, you could end up dead as a door-nail.

We agree with this senior police officer; but even as we do, we would advise Her Majesty’s constabulary that they too should exercise the utmost in good sense and restraint as they go about their duties.

But for sure, such is pathos inherent in the human condition that as the sun rises on any given day, we can all expect report piled upon the waiting backs of other reports concerning tragedy on the hoof; comedy on the prowl and [of course] there will always occur instances where the bitter is commingled with the sweet.

And thus today, we recite [as we have read in a relevant news report]:—Police have discontinued the manhunt for 35-year-old Dario Tinker alias “Geico” who had been on the run for several weeks.

As we learn, their search is off precisely because Dario Tinker met his fate by way of police-delivered gun-fire.

In life, the late Dario Tinker is said to have been wanted [by the police] for questioning for incidents involving armed robbery and rape.

But yet, we hasten to add that the said the matter involving Dario Tinker might –under different circumstances- gone quite differently for all parties concerned.

Here we are convinced that: —It would have been a good thing for all of us had the police been able to so deal with Dario Tinker so that he could have had his day in open court to defend the allegations made against hm.

Alas! Now that Dario Tinker is dead, we shall never know whether he was innocent or guilty.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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