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Grave Concern Over New Labour Bills

The Bahamas Hotel and Restaurant Employers Association (BHEA) is expressing grave concern over the proposed Industrial Relations Act and the Employers Act.

According to Labour Minister Shane Gibson, the amendments will work will in favour of both the unions and employers.

During the introduction of the bill in the House of Assembly, Minister Gibson said one of the advantages of the amendments is that it will protect employees from employers who make workers redundant with a moment’s notice.

But Executive Vice President of BHEA Michael Reckley said the association doesn’t see things that way.

“The Bahamas Hotel and Restaurant Employers’ Association (BHEA) maintains the amendments as proposed will have a crippling impact on Bahamian businesses and the overall business competitiveness of The Bahamas,” he said.

“While the world is expanding around us, The Bahamas continues to move at a slow pace, with the economy experiencing anemic growth. The proposed amendments will only serve as a major disincentive for employment at a time when the country is best served by a strong private sector that can drive employment.”

Mr. Reckley said Bahamian businesses are still adjusting to the recent 40 percent increase to the minimum wage and the implementation of the value added tax VAT.

“Businesses are bracing for the impact of the foreshadowed implementation of National Health Insurance. It is therefore distressing to see the extent to which the government is prepared to go to undermine the sustainability of the Hotel and Tourism Industry and to add further barriers to investing and doing business in The Bahamas,” he said.

Mr. Reckley added that the BHEA plans to analyze the proposed amendments to provide recommendations to the government.

“The BHEA on behalf of the Hotel and Tourism sector encourages the government to embrace a consultative approach to legislating standards so that these regulations serve the interests of economic growth and the welfare of the Bahamian people,” he said.




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