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Gov’t To Name Board Appointments By Friday

In a move meant to silence its critics who have chided the Christie administration over its delay in naming statutory board appointments, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis yesterday said that those appointments will be announced by the end of the week.

Both Prime Minister Perry Christie and Deputy Prime Minister Davis appeared stunned that the board appointments had become political ammunition for their critics.

“It’s always baffling for me to understand how we are always held at a different standard than the previous administration,” Mr. Davis said.

“We will be announcing our board within a period of time, which is less than the previous government announced theirs and that will be on or before Friday.”

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) called Mr. Christie’s explanation that his mother-in-law’s recent illness and subsequent passing somehow contributed to the delay in naming the appointees “inexcusable.”

The DNA also cast doubt that the government would be able to accomplish the plans it laid out in its Charter for Governance, which it touted heavily during the recent election campaign.

However, Mr. Christie held firm that he would not be rushed to make any decisions out of political pressure.

“Others can judge our record of accomplishments by whatever measurement they choose, but we are well on our way to making considerable progress and we will continue making progress,” the prime minister said.

“We still have plenty time to get to 100 days,” Mr. Davis said. “This government will meet all of its goals that it promised in its first 100 days.”

The prime minister also addressed attacks from his critics who make comparisons between his government and the previous administration.

“It’s easy to say that [Hubert] Ingraham came with his boards on July 8, but I am not doing that,” he said. “What I am coming with is saying that we are going to have effective and efficient governance in The Bahamas.”

“We are going to be open to criticism and we are going to be quick to respond. We are going to make it work and we are so excited that we have so many new young aggressive personalities in public life that are good for The Bahamas.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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