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Gov’t Still Eyes NHI By Year’s End

Health Minister Dr. Perry Gomez said yesterday that experts from the Costa Rican-based consultancy firm contracted to advise the government on the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) plan are in the country and are expected to complete their work by early summer.

“The work on the NHI is continuing,” Dr. Gomez told reporters Monday. “The team from Sanigest Internacional (the contracted firm) has been in place now for about three weeks and they anticipate their work with respects to the costing and benefits package for NHI will be completed by July.”

The hiring of this foreign consultancy firm has been heavily criticisied by top Opposition members as both Free National Movement (FNM) leader Dr. Hubert Minnis and the party’s deputy chairman Dr. Duane Sands have accused the government of being clandestine in its dealings with the company.

Additionally, the two have repeatedly called on the government to reveal the costs of what the consultants who are in the country to produce a costing, benefits package and payment modalities report are being paid.

When questioned about the costs associated with the foreign based firm, Dr. Gomez told reporters he had no figures whatsoever and added that “we have no communication with them whatsoever, they are busy here doing their work,” the health minister said.

Sanigest Internacional advised the previous Christie Administration on its efforts to implement a NHI plan.

Previously, the firm advised that it would cost the government at least $235 million to implement the plan; however, it is now believed that it would now cost nearly three times that amount.

Dr. Minister has stated previously that the government hopes to implement the plan before the end of the year.

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