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Govt Promises to Pay MailBoat Captains

Tyler Symonette, Journal Staff Writer

Captains who work for the MailBoat Shipping Company will be paid their subvention, according to Minister of Transport and Local Government Renward wells.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in The Bahamas have been ordered to shut down. However, this is not the case for essential services.

Included in the essential services would be shipping companies such as the MailBoat.

As of March 25, the MailBoat has suspended all passenger services, yet still continues its shipping operations.

“The MailBoat captains have had some concern and I just wanted to sway their concerns. The reality is that the government of The Bahamas is still going to pay them their subvention for taking freight to the island. I know that they did not carry the mail bag on their last trip and they may not carry it on this trip as well.” Mr. Wells said.

“Before the 31st of March, we are still going to pay them the government subvention that each of them get for their trips and we are encouraging them to still carry the freight in between the islands as this is an essential service and a part of the overall plan we have. The people on the islands still need the products that are delivered by the MailBoat.”

Some Bahamians are also concerned about their personal mail when it comes to the post office.

While the post office, located in Town Centre Mall is still open, it is currently operating with a skeletal crew of workers.

 “The reality is we have skeleton crews in many of the ministries, only essential services. The post office is a port of entry so we have taken the requisite steps as a port of entry to try to protect the postal workers who would be sorting. We were shutting down the satellite station that was the initial thinking,” he said.

“And that only the central post office, the main post office at the Town Centre Mall will be open. As we’re moving through this, we’re thinking about what is best practices given the extreme circumstances we’re in. We’re seeking to still deliver services to the Bahamian people, but in a way that is safe.”

While the post office being backlogged is a concern, Mr. Wells stated that in about two and a half months, the workers were able to clear over a year’s worth of backlog.

Mr. Wells added that even though the post office may be working slowly during this time of crisis, employees will get the work done.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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