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Gov’t Partners With UAE For Solar Car Park

The implementation of a solar car park at the Thomas A. Robinson National stadium will bring The Bahamas one step closer to realizing its goal of 30 percent renewable energy penetration by 2033. The government and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have ventured into a partnership that will construct a 1 megawatt parking structure to help in the fight against climate change.

Minister of Environment Romauld Ferreira, during a contract signing yesterday, said that the partnership between The Bahamas and the UAE will facilitate the reduction of the use and cost of fossil fuels.

“The governments of The Bahamas and the UAE have partnered in the fight against climate change to reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels by the introduction of this large scale solar car park.

“In addition to the high cost of fuel, country’s like The Bahamas, are experiencing the negative effects of climate change even now, as our sea levels rise, our oceans acidify and as temperatures rise, we can still shine as a beacon for others to see as we move to mitigate these effects.

“And so, this project goes a long way towards reducing the nations carbon footprint and we think it’s a good thing,” Mr. Ferreira said.

Mr. Ferreira further stated that this goal of renewable energy will trickle down to all government agencies.

“This initiative is one of many in the pipelines to introduce safe, affordable, renewable energy across The Bahamas, beginning with government assets.

“We must lead by example. With over 300 solar array days, The Bahamas is perfectly positioned to sustainable resources, one of our greatest assets the Sun, to reduce one of our greatest liabilities, our dependence on fossil fuels,” Mr. Ferreira said.


Also on hand at the signing was Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Michael Pintard, who shared similar sentiments, stating that the idea behind renewable energy is a good one.

“With respect to the Thomas A Robinson Stadium, the goal is to put in place a car park facility that is completely powered by solar and this is obviously consistent with the government’s objective which is essentially to move increasingly towards renewable energy.

“Our goal really is to develop this country in a sustainable way and you will see it in a number of ways with respect to what is done in Ragged Island and what will be done with government buildings.

Mr. Pintard further noted that the private sector is also encouraged to look at using solar energy.

“We’re encouraging the private sector to look at renewable energy as a way to bring down energy cost, but also to develop the country in a sustainable manner,” Mr. Pintard said.

The UAE is an ally in the war against carbon dioxide and has committed $50 million to the Caribbean Region.

The Bahamas is the recipient of $4 million.


In a statement by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the UAE expressed they hoped to do more in its joint venture with The Bahamas.

“The Bahamas, of course, has a highly compelling business case for renewables, positioned for rapid commercialization.

“We hope that this joint project will provide an additional proof point for all stakeholders in the market, showing the immediate cost savings and other benefits of renewables.

“The UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund marks a milestone for our cooperation- and an economically-smart, sustainability-minded precedent for the coming years.

“Both UAE and Bahamas also hope very much to use this project to build a better understanding of each other’s priorities and economies.

“This hands-on experience, and history of joint delivery, will lend itself to even more projects, including in other sectors,” the statement said.

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