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Gov’t Opens Public Defenders Office

The government has opened a Public Defenders Office in the wake of crime reaching a new peak.


The new office is to prevent recent issues of the limited amount of defense attorneys, who have scheduling conflicts, which cause delays and adjournments, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to tax payers.


Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson spoke to the new building saying it’s a new opportunity for the administration of justice.


Mrs. Maynard Gibson says this was more than a grand opening of a new location but more so for the reinvention of an improved system of justice.


“This is very important for the administration of justice, because we want to be satisfied that as well as strong persons are in prosecution, there are even stronger lawyers to defend them.”


Joining Maynard Gibson’s team is William Webb, retired Federal Judge of the United States.


Mr. Webb will be serving as a consultant to the Attorney General’s Office.


Mr. Webb says he’s assisted in more than a few ways for the new system for defenders.


“This culminates four trips to The Bahamas, first I came for the assessment for the need then I came back for training of the lawyers to become public defenders,” he said.


He calls it a new opportunity for The Bahamas and its judicial system.


“It’s an indication of a mature criminal justice system where your able to provide confident dedicated lawyers to the criminal defense process, now they have that,” Mr. Webb said.


He reiterated the prime minister saying that 16 percent of cases in the Bahamian lawyers who miss trials due to conflict, and 16 percent were unable to go to trial because the defendants didn’t have council.”


The new office includes a conference room where lawyers are able to speak with defendants through Skype and virtual calling systems.


“The sole purpose is to represent defendants who don’t have the ability to hire their own lawyers.”



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