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“Gov’t Betrayed Marathon Residents,” says DNA

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is calling the government’s failure to notify constituents of Marathon of the health hazards to the Rubis gas leak, “a betrayal of epic proportions”.

It added that what made the situation worse were comments made by Marathon MP Jerome Fitzgerald during his appearance on a local talk show.

“The government’s failure to adequately inform and warn residents in the Marathon Constituency about the health hazards of the Rubis gas leak affecting their water supply, was a betrayal of epic proportions,” the party said.

“Adding insult to injury though, were comments by the area MP Jerome Fitzgerald whose feeble attempts at justifying his actions in the wake of that discovery have only added salt to a still gaping wound.”

During an appearance on Guardian Radio talk show “The Revolution” Mr. Fitzgerald said he did all he could under the circumstances.

He added that he had no regrets over how the government handled the situation and said from the evidence, the government did it in an “expeditious manner.”

A report completed by the Black and Veatch in February 2014 was not made public until April 17, 2015, after residents in the area expressed outrage at a town hall meeting.

The report pointed out risks to public health for residents of Marathon near Rubis on Prince Charles Drive.

When asked why he had not released the report as soon as he found out, Mr. Fitzgerald said he would have been fired on the spot and cannot discuss what happens in Cabinet.

“This is a far different one from the tune he sung in the days immediately following media reports about the gas leak,” the party said.

“At the time, Fitzgerald, when pressed by the media for answers about why he chose to remain silent, told reporters that he acted to save his job, explaining that had he spoken out, he would have lost his position in cabinet. How selfish!”

“Now, months later it seems that the good Minister has completely absolved himself of any responsibility in the matter and says he feels ‘NO REGRET’. He apparently has no regrets about the fact that the damning Black & Veatch report simply sat on the desk of the AG for more than a year while scores of Bahamian families were torn apart by sickness and death; and no regrets about essentially betraying the men and women who elected him to office simply to preserve his cushy political position.”

The party went on to add that in another “jurisdiction, Fitzgerald would have found himself stripped of both cabinet and parliamentary positions and would have also potentially faced criminal charges for his negligence and dereliction of duties.”

The party said that the Christie led administration must remember that its first obligation is to the public.






Written by Jones Bahamas

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