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Minister of Environment and Housing RomauldFerreira yesterday spoke of the need to cease the use of plastic in the country with a target date set for some time in the year 2020.


Mr. Ferreira told attendees of a town meeting that it is estimated by 2050 that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish if the country continues to use plastic and Styrofoam products.


He said, “Our government has decided that this is the best course of action. To prevent plastic from entering the ocean using a two prong bifurcated approach.”


The first on the list would be to ban the use of plastic and Styrofoam like take-out food containers, for example.


The second would be to introduce generational change to the way landfill is operated in the country.

The minister advised the audience that this plastic ban will be “the fight” for this generation.


He also urged them to rise to the occasion as this is “an urgent and pressing situation”.


Since the Plastic Ban 2020 initiative launched back in April, the minister said that his team has been working with great care and perseverance having engagements with the private sector.


He said that some of the needs that they discovered through their discussions was the need for alternative options concerning plastic and Styrofoam products and the need for financial incentives.


“Nothing in environment works unless the money is right. It is the economics behind it. So, in order for this plastic ban to work, we understand that the economics has to be right.”, he said.


He added, “On the other hand, there are some things that are bigger than economics. Some issues are larger or as large as life itself and threaten our very existence, and the time has come for us to make that decision on what is important to us. “


He also urged the audience to think of the legacy they wish to leave behind for future generations, and encouraged the country to support and fully participate in the initiative.

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