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Goodman Guilty Prosecution Seeking Death Penalty

kohfe Goodman

Kofhe Goodman has been found guilty of the murder of 11-year-old Marco Archer and the prosecution is seeking the death penalty.

On Friday, jurors returned a unanimous guilty verdict just before 7:30 p.m.

But their verdict was not as shocking as Goodman’s actions following their decision.

Members of the public, reporters and Archer’s family members ran out of the court room following a violent outburst by Goodman, who attempted to jump out of the prisoner’s dock – still shackled – alleging that one of Marco’s family members had said something to him.

Goodman also spat on one of the female jurors’ face.

She was visibly upset so much so that she tried to jump over the jurors’ bench to go after Goodman, who by that time, had been escorted from the courtroom by several police officers.

The jury had just returned a unanimous guilty verdict after deliberating for just under two hours.

All was going normally during the verdict ruling up to this point.

Prior to the outburst, Justice Bernard Turner asked Goodman’s attorney, Geoffrey Farquharson whether he wanted to say anything.

“Nothing at this time as the law will take its course,” the attorney responded.

Lead Prosecutor Garvin Gaskin then informed the court that they would be seeking the death penalty.

“That’s all? Goodman said in response from the prisoners dock.

Justice Turner then asked Goodman if he wanted to say anything and he responded explaining to him that he wanted to get his own personal psychiatrist.

His reasoning was that he did not think a court-appointed psychiatrist would give him a fair assessment.

Goodman then asked the judge whether he could appeal.

Justice Turner told him that following his sentencing he could appeal both the sentence and conviction.

The judge then ordered that psychiatric and probation reports be conducted after which time Goodman’s sentencing will take place.

Marco’s sister, Tancia Humes, spoke to the press following proceedings explaining that her family is now relieved.

“This is the first step into the family’s healing,” she told reporters.

“This doesn’t bring back Marco. This doesn’t bring him back at all but this is definitely the first step towards us healing and finding a way to live knowing that he is gone. It gives us some relief to know that he wasn’t taken from us [in vain] and that the person who did it didn’t pay a price. It’s obvious now, that Marco was a sacrifice to get that man off the streets so that he doesn’t do it to anybody else. Anyone that has been following the case and was in there [Friday] can see that that man is definitely a beast and doesn’t deserve to be on the streets to touch any other innocent child and we just thank God.”

Ms. Humes also told reporters that her family is more than happy with the prosecution seeking the death penalty.

“We are very happy with their decision,” she said.

“Marco was 11 and he was taken from us. A lot of children were damaged by this man. God is in control and thanks to everyone who has been praying for us. We could not do this on our own. We know that we were dealing with a lot of evil and through prayers today is the day.”

Goodman’s sentencing will take place on September 27 at 10:00 a.m.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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