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Girl Was Troubled, Says Murdered Teen’s Dad

The father of the 15-year-old girl who was gunned down outside a nightclub in Grand Bahama early Sunday morning told The Bahama Journal yesterday that she had a troubled past.

According to Lloyd Smith, his daughter, Alexis, would have still been alive if she had not moved out of their house at such an early age.

The teen was shot twice in the head by her alleged, 26-year-old boyfriend outside the Platinum Lounge Sunday morning, fueling national discussion about how a 15-year-old was allowed in an establishment meant for adults.

Her father said that he didn’t know where she was at the time she was killed because she didn’t live with him.

“She didn’t live with us [her parents] because she knew me and her mother would get on her case,” he said.

“So she figured she doesn’t want to live with us. She then went on to live with her friends. If she would’ve been living at home she would’ve been alive today.”

Mr. Smith said his daughter refused to go to school and started hanging out with the wrong group of friends.

That same group of friends, he said, was with her the night she was murdered.

“She was still [school-aged], but she was carrying on kind of bad,” Mr. Smith said describing his daughter’s troubled past.

“She walked out of the house with her friends [who] she tags along with and wouldn’t go back to school. We sent her to Nassau to the Willimae Pratt Centre for Girls to see if that would change her. She came back and nothing changed. So we sent her back again. But she came back and again nothing changed.”

According to Mr. Lloyd, the night Alexis was killed her older sister was in the same nightclub and told her to go home.

“When she went outside, I don’t know if he [the suspect] was watching her, but when she walked outside she met him standing right by the door,” Mr. Smith said.

The teen’s father said he could not confirm whether the suspect was his daughter’s boyfriend as has been widely suggested.

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