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GBPC Continues Restoration Efforts

Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) says as of 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, at least 20 percent of its customers should have had their power restored due to the efforts of 100 plus international linemen brought in to assist with its restoration efforts.

CEO and President Sarah McDonald said while Hurricane Matthew’s damage was extremely significant it’s not irreparable.

“The facility damage was the least of our worries. Immediately after the storm, 60 assessors were out determining the extent of the damage to the system,” she said.

“While we assessed the island including using a drone to get a better look at our longer line, we still focused on critical issues such as the well fields and emergency calls. After three days of nonstop work, we were able to assist the utility company in restoring most of the water supply in both well fields one and six. They have still suffered infrastructure damage, which may limit the water at times, but we are confident they will resolve this.”

For the last several days, some Grand Bahama residents from Freeport to West End have had to live with the absence of water and light.

However, the company admitted that more manpower is needed in order to facilitate an efficient restoration process.

“We found 1,250 distribution poles and 225 transmission poles and their accompanying attachments that need replacement. If that sounds like a lot, it is important to understand that that equates to an estimated amount of 92,363 hours of work,” Ms. McDonald said.

“When the all clear was called, we started our restoration with 15 linemen and some contractors but it was obvious that this was going to be inadequate. So on Sunday only two days after the all clear, a caravan of 36 personnel and over 30 vehicles ranging from bucket trucks, line trucks, diggers, cranes and even a mobile command unit arrived in Freeport from our sister affiliate Tampa Electric.”

These screws working in tandem with the crew already stationed in Freeport has so far erected over 130 poles.

Over the next five days, some additional 132 linemen and 78 vehicles will arrive on the island to add to this number.

CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque said he was very pleased with this particular piece of information after viewing the damage in West End.

“I have to say to you unless you are here to see it, you don’t understand the extent of the damage especially when we drove down to West End,” he said.

“Every single house there as far as I can see has been extensively damaged or damaged in one way or another. I was very happy to hear what the representative from the power company is saying because I lost count of how many power lines were down.”

At least 95 percent of the buildings in Eight Mile Rock, Holmes Rock received significant damage.

West End also experienced significant flooding which soaked furniture, beddings and appliances and rendering residents homes unlivable.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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