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GB Residents Demand Relocation–Residents dying from Cancer

Pinder’s Point and Lewis Yard Environmental Committee representatives Bertrum Pinder and Shuffel Hepburn of Freeport, Grand Bahama are calling on the government to relocate those two communities adding that the vast majority of residents have become ill as a result of emissions from industrial plants in the area.

Both men say that over the last 30 years, residents have died from various forms of cancer, which they say is a result of toxic fumes that emanate from several plants.

The men said the waters of Hawksbill Creek are contaminated because of dumping from those companies.

During the daily talk show “Issues of the Day” yesterday these issues were brought to light.

Many residents, who called the talk show, said that the creek is widely known to be extremely unsanitary.

“They have a sign up saying no swimming and no fishing. Where else in The Bahamas would you see a sign like that?” said the first caller.

“I had a personal friend who died in that water to retrieve a sample bottle and he died of 10 different cancers maybe even more. Every organ in his body collapsed.”

“The Hawksbill Creek area, I used to live there all my life and no one fishes in there,” another caller said.

“I have known people who work for particular companies and they say they are not fishing in those areas because they know what’s being pumped in.”

“What is happening in Grand Bahama in the industrial area is absolutely criminal,” said Joe Darville, another caller.

“My God, I don’t know why the previous government and this government have not yet removed people from that area.”

When asked why government officials had not been notified Mr. Pinder said because they have already taken a stance.

“It’s [the government] tabling a report that is harmful and hurtful to the resident,” he said.

“I spoke to Dr. Darville last week. He is quite aware of the dissatisfaction of the residents and he is defending the report.”

The report, Mr. Pinder is referring to is one that was done by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) stating that there are no environmental and health risk factors associated with residents living in close proximity to the industrial companies.




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