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Gag Order In Shane Gibson’s Case

A gag order has been put in place  on the high-profile extortion and bribery case of former Progressive Liberal Party Cabinet Minister, Shane Gibson.

Supreme Court Justice Indra Charles on Friday morning gathered the media, legal teams for both the crown and the defense and the accused himself to point out that the case should have never been discussed in the media.

 She added that the reason behind this is to ensure that Mr. Gibson has a fair trial.

She also said that newspapers, talk shows, TV  news and even social media have all been talking about the matter, which can affect the merits of the case.

As a result, Justice Charles said an order will be drafted preventing the further dissemination of information in  this matter unless it goes to trial. A breach of this order could result in a person being in contempt of court.

Judge Charles said she will be contacting the Commissioner of Police to assist with carrying out this order and that the draft order will be served to all media outlets.

Mr. Gibson is just one of three former PLP MP’s facing charges over alleged malfeasance  while in office. 

Mr. Gibson – the Former Minister of Labour and National Insurance in the Christie administration – stands accused of soliciting more than $250,000 from Johnathon Ash in 2017.

Justice Charles took over the case following the sudden death of former Chief Justice Stephen Isaacs  in August. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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