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Former Senator says PLP must focus on branches

Speaking on the theme of “reconnecting”, Former Senator Robyn Lynes admonished the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) to get back to basics.   She said in order to do so, it must take a step backward and that starts with the people.


“We have to recognize and honor the power of our branches and empower our branches. We can no longer be the party to dictate to the branch.


“We empower the branch, we order the branch, we give the branch what they need, we tell the branch to organize and then the branch comes to us,” she said.


A part of the party’s constitution, she said, states the branch is a key element to the parties’ progression.



Speaking on the first night of the PLP Convention ,she said that on the FNM’s best day they cannot beat the PLP as a political organization.


“We have people coming to this organization asking us to nominate them as candidates and we cannot say what they have done for this party,” she said.


“Where do you think you are going in 2017? When you come this time around, don’t tell me where you are, tell me where you’ve been and what you were doing while you were there.”


Ms. Lynes made a stern call for PLPs to come back and reclaim the government in 2022.


“I’m saying to you PLPs , we’re coming back for you after this convention. Whatever it takes, we are coming back to get you.

“And together we are going to get rid of this crew, long before 2022,” she said.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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