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Opposition Leader Philip “Brave” Davis  says the Minnis administration is operating  “on a platform of falsehoods, untruths, and a tissue of lies.” 

He said the Free National Movement government “is a danger to the rule of law.”

Addressing a mass rally at the Sir Lynden Pindling Centre, Gambier House, last night, the Progressive Liberal Party leader told hundreds of supporters, “it was one year ago when Hubert Minnis and his Free National Movement rolled into power proclaiming: “It’s the People’s Time!”

With no plan, no policy, no vision and totally bankrupt of ideas, one year later the chorus: “If I only knew” is setting in as Bahamians perish.”

The MP for Cat Island said,”they have delivered no real investment and offer no new direction for the Bahamian people. They have admitted to recklessly adding to the level of joblessness.

“They have flip flopped on almost every major PLP policy they opposed while in opposition.

They claimed it was the People’s Time, but before ballots could be counted, they began firing Bahamians.

From BAMSI to Bahamasair – they fired!

From Urban Renewal to NHI – they fired!

From Social Services to NIB – they fired!

From the hill to the valley – they fired!”

He said, “the FNM was so eager to fire, they even began firing, victimizing and abusing people hired by the PLP but who voted for the FNM!

Flexing power like a mad man, Hubert Minnis – against sound advice – began abusing that power by directing agencies of the state to arrest and detain innocent Bahamians.

BAIC is a prime example. Now Bahamian tax payers may have to pay millions of dollars to those falsely arrested.

“Drunk with power, he fired thousands of Bahamians throughout the country, including the sole breadwinners of families.

Jeffery Lloyd – the Minister for Education recently told the press he was “Happy to Report” how he fired 200 minimum wage workers in his ministry.

“In that same week, Marvin Dames, the Minister for National Security, attempted to fire [without any notice] 29 Prison Officers. Only after public outcry did he pull back.

“Now, Duane “Heartless” Sands is a real character in healthcare these days.

One day he tells us the hospitals and clinics have no meds!

“The next day he says the hospitals have no beds.

No Ventilator machines for the babies. None for the Intensive care section.

“No meds for HIV patients.

“Last week he came out to complain that bodies are piling up in the morgue.

“Also last week he faced a sickout by nurses. And, to date, the Minister has yet to have a sit down face-to-face with nurses, who have already filed a strike action with the Department of Labour.

“And just this week “heartless” Sands on national TV threatened to fire some 100 junior doctors at the hospital, telling them to work as taxi drivers and hotel maids because they could not cut it as physicians.

Does all of this sound to you like It’s The People’s Time?

Does Sands appear willing to fix healthcare in the country?” asked Mr. Davis.

The PLP leader  told the crowd,  “the FNM Government is not serious!

“We are witnessing a disaster unfolding in healthcare – with two doctors at the helm, and no solutions in sight,” he said. 

Grading the Minnis administration,  Mr. Davis told the PLP crowd,  “f or lying – I give the FNM Government an A+ grade!

For victimizing Bahamians – they get an A+

For  unethical behavior in government, the FNM will get an A+

For the Government’s Failure to deliver one real investment to the country – they get an A+

For their cloud of secrecy and silence on national matters – I give them an A+

And for their failure to be honest, open and transparent to the Bahamian People – I don’t know about you – but I give them an A+.

In my assessment the Minnis-led government has been a danger to the Rule of Law.

They are unprincipled. And their exercises of cronyism and self-dealing have resulted in disaster for the Bahamian people.

The Bahamian people have quickly learned that, like in the OBAN Energies debacle, Hubert Minnis and the FNM are CORRUPT!

As for the Oban deal all I want to say is this: Who is the mystery man or woman of OBAN Energies?

There is a company called Clean Marine.

“I want to know whether the mystery man or woman is associated with Clean Marine and what Clean Marine’s role might be in this Oban deal.

No lie lasts forever,” said the PLP leader.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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