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FNM Council Blackout

The nagging load-shedding crisis struck last night, causing a blackout at the Free National Movement Headquarters which resulted in the cancellation of the FNM’s Council meeting.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and FNM members of parliament gathered at the Mackey Street headquarters with hopes of having a post budget debate council meeting, but that didn’t happen, as the headquarters is not equipped with a backup generator.   

BPL Apology Not Enough

As many Bahamians continue to suffer from the load-shedding crisis at Bahamas Power and Light, Progressive Liberal Party Deputy Leader Chester Cooper is not satisfied with the apology issued by BPL Chairman Donovan Moxey and has called for an investigation into corporation’s reimbursement policies.  

Cooper expressed his dissatisfaction over BPL’s load-shedding during the Southern Shores Constituency meeting on Thursday evening.

“An apology won’t help the hundreds, maybe thousands, across our country who lose appliances and electronics from the surges and who complain that they get peanuts in settlement from BPL,” Cooper said.

“I call on URCA to investigate the policies and practices of BPL as it relates to reimbursement for the damage they cause.  And I can tell this government quite plainly and clearly, you could keep your corned beef and you could keep your apology.

“An apology won’t help a frustrated mother who can’t put her children to sleep.  An apology won’t help the woman who was in the newspaper, dying of cancer, whose family had to feed her ice chips to try and keep her cool. An apology doesn’t help traffic congestion when all the traffic lights don’t function.

“They had two years to fix BPL, but this lousy crew played games rather than fix this situation.

And understand that this is only the start of the pain.”

Earlier this week, BPL promised that $2 million rental generators are expected to bring relief to the load-shedding issue.  

According to Cooper, rental generators mean Bahamians will be the ones paying for them and their light bills will increase.

With the severe crisis surrounding BPL’s generators, Cooper pointed out that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is silent.

“All this mouth in Parliament about the PLP being corrupt, but where’s his mouth now?” Cooper said.  “You put the chairman of BPL out here to apologize?  But he works for you. You’re his boss.  The Bahamian people didn’t elect him to hold him accountable.  Where are you, Mr. Prime Minister?  Are you hiding behind our minister of works and his nonsense?

“I heard Desmond Bannister on the news saying that this summer has been better than under the five summers of the previous PLP administration.  You think his head good?  You think the heat getting to him?  That’s the best he has?”

Cooper noted that the government had two years to find a successful solution to BPL’s nagging crisis, but claims nothing has been done.

“They flew all over the world trying to figure out which deal to make without any regard for the Bahamian people,” he said.

“They had a massive fire at Clifton nearly a year ago, but won’t release the report into the fire. This is the people’s power company. Not anyone’s personal play thing.  Someone needs to be fired.  Not tomorrow, but today, on the spot. There has to be some level of accountability at BPL.”

However, Cooper believes load-shedding has never been this bad under the PLP.

“The last summer the PLP was in office was 2016,” he explained. “That summer went relatively smoothly under PowerSecure and the fuel charge was much lower.  But this administration kicked PowerSecure out and has been playing games ever since.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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