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FNM Condemns Victimisation

The Free National Movement (FNM) is once again “crying shame” on the government for several acts of victimisation which it alleges have occurred since the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) took office in May.

FNM Chairman Charles Maynard said many Bahamians have “felt the wrath” of the new government which campaigned heavily on ‘putting Bahamians first.’

“The actions of various government ministers and party operatives clearly reveal this administration’s intention to disadvantage Bahamians who they believe did not support them,” Mr. Maynard explained.

“Contracts signed by the FNM have been stopped and canceled. These contracts, based on their amounts, primarily were allocated to small and medium business enterprises; the very group the PLP claims they are concerned about. Secondly, the PLP does not make the case that the contracts are unnecessary which leaves us to believe their concerns are less about the nature of the contracts or the amounts but more about who has received them.”

Mr. Maynard said the Department of Environmental Health is one of those government agencies where contracts have been cancelled.

“It is ironic that so many of the projects heavily criticised by the PLP escaped their stop and cancel approach,” he said. “This is in large measure due to the fact that their original complaints while in opposition were unfounded and dishonest. Furthermore, we believe that another reason why several of the larger projects were not interfered with or stopped by the PLP is because these large contractors unlike their small counterparts have the economic might to legally respond to any unjustified action taken by the PLP.”

“The third and more sinister reason why certain projects were not touched by the PLP may be due to the fact that certain cabinet ministers and other senior PLPs are connected to the project whether through law firms or other professional firms servicing the projects and their contractors.”

Mr. Maynard also addressed several terminations that have dominated the media over the last few weeks.

Eighty Urban Renewal workers were recently terminated by Deputy Prime Minister, Philip Davis and replaced by PLP supporters, according to the FNM chairman.

He also highlighted the planned termination of Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) administrator Coralie Adderley.

Mr. Maynard also explained that Minister of Local Government, Alfred Gray has terminated several island and junior administrators.

“A known FNM supporter, Ivoine Ingraham, was terminated from BTVI despite the success of his class over the years,” Mr. Maynard said.

“The Island of Cat Island seems to be one of the Family islands hardest hit by the most vicious attacks on Bahamians sanctioned by the DPM Philip Davis. His top generals . . . have threatened the reputation, safety and jobs of numerous residents.  The PLP threats have been followed by the transferring of known FNMs out of Cat Island for no apparent reasons; the firing of a very talented and popular worker from a government utility company; the passing over of FNM supporters in the promotion exercises of the RBPF on the island and other despicable acts which will come to light over the next few weeks.”

Mr. Maynard, however, has assured that the FNM will continue to fight for Bahamians.

“These men and women are exemplary public servants and outstanding Bahamians who are loyal to the government of the day,” he said.

“They implement all lawful directives of policy makers as a matter of principle.  They have no other agenda but to serve the Bahamian people and support their families. 

Now, sadly, many of them are without work or are deliberately transferred to islands away from their families or to departments where they will be under-utilised. Winning an election does not bestow the right on a political party to alter the lives of law-abiding citizens to serve partisan political ends.”

Mr. Maynard said “a political culture of vindictiveness must not return to The Bahamas.”

“Today we encourage all right thinking Bahamians to stand on the side of what is right,” he said.

“We call on Prime Minister Perry Christie, who is leading this assault on Bahamians, to be a man of his word and work in the interest of all Bahamians and to restrain his ministers who are inflicting great harm on our people because of perceived or actual political differences.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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