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FNM Chairman Wants Campaign Reform

As the Free National Movement (FNM) gets ready to head into its convention, FNM Chairman Sidney Collie there is a serious need for campaign reform.

During a press conference held at the FNM’s headquarters on Mackey Street Mr. Collie addressed the party’ financial concerns.

This week it was revealed that Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis and his opponent Loretta Butler-Turner have both pledged to fund the party’s convention with $100,000 each.

The chairman said this was done because there was an urgent need to raise money in the fastest possible time.

“The convention was originally scheduled for November and it was moved up to July. The very act of moving the convention up three months put the FNM in a bind with raising funds,” Mr. Collie explained.

The Finance Committee is paying the remaining $100,000 required. So far, Dr. Minnis has paid the full amount he promised.

Butler-Turner, however, has paid only $50,000 saying that she had “questions” about what the money would be used for.

The committee has also only paid $50,000 leaving an outstanding balance of $200,000.

“The treasurer and his team have provided transparent accounting and will provide transparent accounting and that has been the practice of the FNM over the last 45 years. Every penny of convention money and every penny of General Election campaign money is fully accounted for,” Mr. Collie said.

“This is a comment to the country and the two major political parties in general. This is a classic case for Campaign Finance reform. At some point in the future, the country is going to have to decide how major political parties are going to find monies for these kinds of events. Until that happens, political parties are going to be forced to become creative on how they raise their funds.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Collie said the FNM is battle ready for the 2017 General Election.

“The FNM knows what is important to the Bahamian people and will fight for them every day, that is why our theme is Because You Matter,” he said.

“The values and beliefs of the FNM give expression to the freedom of economic opportunities for the whole country. We are the party that believes in the highest ethical standards, promoting and respecting our Constitution.”

When speaking to the atmosphere of next week’s convention, Mr. Collie added that the party is leaving the carnival atmosphere by the wayside and will focus more on governing policies.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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