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FNM Chairman Upbraided Over “ Trash Talk”

A war of words has erupted between the Progressive Liberal Party’s new chairman, Fred Mitchell and the new Free National Movement’s chairman Carl Culmer after Culmer criticized the PLP’s convention as just smoke and mirrors.

Mitchell said the FNM’s press release in response to the PLP’s convention was filled with silly and childish criticism.

“Their statement does not rise to level of a governing party. They’re still trash talking as if we’re in some playground throwing mud pies at one another. The FNM chairman needs to elevate his rhetoric. We’re talking about policies and ideas and he’s still trash talking,”

Mitchell said he thinks the FNM has brought the Bahamas to the brink of economic ruin in five months and if they didn’t like what they saw at the convention, they could have turned the channel.

“These people have come into office and maxed out the country’s credit card in a couple of weeks and the result is they have to go and fire people because they can’t pay them. All because they want to fit in some narrative that the PLP is responsible for the economic problems in the country which is demonstratively false,” Mitchell said.

He added that the PLP is dedicated to the debate and the critique of public policy as they want better laws and fair treatment for all.

“We want the FNM to stick to their promises to the Bahamian people. Their responses over the past week were disappointing. The FNM should be assured that we will meet them at every corner and on every street, in every island of the nation in the battle for the supremacy of ideas and in the competition for the hearts and minds of our people,” Mitchell said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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