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FNM Chairman Duane Sands accuses government of victimizing women

FNM Chairman Dr. Duane Sands

By: Keile Campbell

In the backdrop of Director of Immigration Keturah Ferguson reportedly forced to retire, the
Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Dr. Duane Sands accused the Davis
administration of “systematically terminating” women in the public sector.
Though he acknowledged some women being part of Prime Minister Philip Davis’ cabinet
and Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt recently named and seated as the new Governor-General, he
states that over the past months, several female public officers have been sidelined, going on
to name some of the females he’s noticed now gone from the public sector.
“There was Anthonette Thompson at the Ministry of Transport and Housing; Deputy
Financial Secretary Athena Marsh at the Ministry of Finance; Director June Collie at the
Department of Information and Communications Technology; Dr Geannine Moss, controller
at Customs,” The FNM Chairman listed.
Continuing he listed, “Director Brenda Bullard-Colebrook Department of Local Government;
Deputy Director Carol Roach also at the Department of Information of Technology; Deputy
Director Faustin Major-Smith at Immigration; and the most recent Director of Immigration
Keturah Ferguson, but don’t forget, Melanie Roach, a Director of Works, and Kayleaser
Devaux-Issacs at ZNS.”
Dr Sands goes also claims that seven female Family Island administrators were also sent
home, asking what message is being sent out.
He mentioned the “watering down” of the Gender Based Violence Bill, calling the Protection
Against Violence Bill “inadequate” and labelling the government as “casting a casual eye”
towards criminal acts against women and children increasing in the country.
Dr Sands suggests the government has no policy in place or legislative response to the matter
at hand.
“To add insult to injury, NGO’s in The Bahamas have had to work around an administration
that is only pretending, or as some say, pump faking on gender affairs; they’re doing just the
bare minimum to save face, so how can our women feel confident that they are important in
the new day Bahamas.” asked the FNM Chairman.
“I say that there’s an emerging pattern of contempt for women affairs, and this isn’t random
or happenstance, but a clear deliberate strategy to marginalize hard working women. The
most recent victimization of the director of immigration can not only be viewed in isolation,
but it is yet another example of this administration’s assault on women.”
The FNM Chairman felt that it is unfortunate to witness what he perceives as victimization of
women under this Davis administration considering how the woman’s suffrage movement
contributed to the rise of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the significant role women
play in Bahamian society.
While proclaiming that women matter, FNM Chairman Dr. Sands called on the Davis

Administration to stop “bullying” mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends adding that
“unstoppable change” is coming.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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