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FNM Candidate Offers Education Reform Suggestions

Even after Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald cleared up the controversy surrounding support staff being unpaid, Free National Movement (FNM) South Beach Candidate Jeff Lloyd has reached out and provided the government with a solution to education reform.

The talk show host says it starts with restoring the honor and value with which teachers were once revered in this society.

“Studies across the globe have concluded that if there is one indispensable component in the success of students and pupils – although there are many very important factors that cannot be overlooked –are the quality of teaching and teachers,” he said.

“That is why, a reformed educational system must invest in the training, re-training and ongoing development of teachers.”

Just two weeks ago, he cried shame on the government for failing to pay some 200 reserve teachers.

“We always talk about wanting the best and brightest of our students graduating from high school to choose a teaching career, just as they are attracted first in most instances to other professions such as medicine, law or engineering,” he lamented.

“Well, we have to pay and respect them as if they are the best and brightest, and make teaching, through its reputation and beneficial value, an attractive option for them.”

Minister Fitzgerald had blamed a problem with the payments system as well as Hurricane Matthew also caused a delay in processing payment for some of the claims but since then a new policy has been implemented.

Mr. Lloyd however holds treatment of the teachers besides pay needs to be improved.

“Look at how we treat the many dedicated, qualified and committed teachers in the present system, who labour in over-crowded classrooms, with inferior or inadequate resources, which, in turn, dampen, if not destroy, their enthusiasm, commitment and interest,” he said.

“This cannot continue, and under the next FNM Government, will not be allowed to continue. We must and will raise the profile of teaching and teachers.”


Written by Jones Bahamas

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