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The Free National Movement (FNM) says after two years of positive growth, the country is positioned for more investments and opportunities.

The Party   issued a statement yesterday  answering  the Progressive Liberal Party’s Deputy Leader Chester Cooper’s criticism of the government over the latest GDP numbers.

The FNM said, “for five years the woeful PLP’s disastrous leadership marked by incredible incompetence, excessive ineptitude and reckless mismanagement – as well as rampant corruption – drove our country into the ground; including our economy, which was brought to the brink of collapse.  So where was Brave Davis’ loquacious protégé – Chester Cooper’s outrage back then, as our country suffered through GDP negative growth and contradictions as we struggled to stop the decline? And where was the always talkative Chester Cooper when, as The Bahamas was hit by a series of credit downgrades nearly bringing us to junk bond status?”

“Mr. Cooper was silent or towing the party line – just like a good, ambitious protégé that cares more about positioning himself for the future,  than representing the people he serves by using his voice and position to improve their lives.  So it comes as no surprise to anyone to hear Mr. Cooper’s latest partisan attacks and hysterics over a recent GDP improvement. 

“Mr. Cooper – the old and tired Brave Davis’ greatest protégé is always ready to put his spin on the facts and scream the loudest to impress his leaders.”

“The fact what Mr. Cooper ignores is that after years of near negative or zero growth and struggle, The Bahamas has had two straight years of positive growth.  Even as Mr. Cooper and his cronies chose to ignore the progress The Bahamas is making to recover from the PLP’s disastrous five-years in government, the signs are there.

“The people know the Minnis Administration is working night and day to put our country back on a path towards sustained growth – and regardless of Mr. Cooper’s desire to see the country fail – we are seeing results. 

“From nearly negotiated projects that will boost job growth, to upgrade infrastructure and significant improvements in education, the FNM is delivering on its promises and building the future of opportunity that all Bahamians deserve.

“But like a broken record, the loquacious, Brave Davis protégé, Chester Cooper, and the woeful PLP continue their chorus of attacks, talking down any and all progress as they ignore the facts.  They talk all they want, quite frankly it’s what their party is known for – all talk and no action as they serve their empty rhetoric and broken promises year after year.  But the FNM under Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, will keep working day and night to guide the nation’s economic recovery into a new era of opportunity for all Bahamians, because we know, the people deserve nothing less from their leaders.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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