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FMN Chairman Says PLP Elites Still Demanding Special Treatment

Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman, Carl Culmer has lambasted South Andros MP Picewell Forbes after he called for special treatment of elected officials.

In a statement, Mr. Culmer also took aim at Progressive Liberal Party Leader Phillip Davis who tried to clarify Mr. Forbes’ comments last week during parliament

“The PLP will never learn. Not even an historic landslide election that swept their corrupt, entitled regime out of office would change the PLP’s ‘the country owes us’ mentality. While in office the PLP turned corruption into an art form. Taking for themselves, while they neglected the people they should have served. Keeping secret lists that allowed them to ignore paying their utility and other bills, yet maintained their services.

“Yet, even after the people rose up and sent a clear message last May, the PLP still clings onto their sense of entitlement which MP Picewell Forbes so clearly articulated last week by publicly demanding – on the floor of House no less – that elected officials should receive special treatment, such as not having to pay their electricity bills.

“This so-called new PLP led by the old and tired Brave Davis, sounds and acts like the same old and rejected PLP. They are struggling under the new transparency brought about by the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and the FNM, where elected officials are no longer singled out for special treatment or the PLP’s ‘secret lists’.

“The old and tired Brave Davis should know that the people don’t need his help translating Picewell Forbes’ cries for special treatment. Mr. Forbes was clear in his context and clear in his intent – he wants a return to the old days under the PLP, where elected officials didn’t have to pay their bills like the rest of the people. It must be tough for the PLP to be treated like everyone else who must pay their bills and meet their obligations on time,” Mr. Culmer said.

Mr. Forbes drew criticism for suggesting politicians be protected and extended certain “courtesies” in the way companies like Bahamas Power & Light (PLP) treat them in the face of nonpayment.

Mr. Davis added that the comments of the South Andros were “inelegantly articulated” and “taken out of context”.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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