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Fishermen Spouses Speak Out

Wives of foreign fishermen have called recent charges from a group of local fishermen claiming their livelihoods are being threatened by foreigners and poachers “unfair and dangerous.”

The women all married to Dominican men, who are now residents of The Bahamas, claim their families’ well-being is now being put in jeopardy.

“These attacks against foreign fishermen, particularly Dominican men, can hurt my family,” said one of the wives. “How am I supposed to feed my family – what are we supposed to do.”

The women all asked that their identities be concealed and they said that they fear that innocent fishermen are being made to suffer for the actions of others.

Last week, members of The Bahamas Commercial Fishers Alliance (BCFA) called on the government to better enforce fishing laws.

The BFCA has also asked the government to rescind the policy of granting permits to foreign spouses to engage in the fishing industry claiming the loophole is in contravention with the fisheries regulation.

Local fishermen argue that their livelihoods their livelihoods are being undermined by foreign poachers and fishermen using immigration loopholes to obtain permits.

The group said that in the past 20 years, the local fishing industry has seen an influx of foreigners being brought in to fish in The Bahamas at the detriment of both Bahamian fishermen and the local fishing industry.

The BFCA contends that this influx of foreign workers is placing the country at great risk from sanctions on exports and exclusion from other lucrative markets because they do not use sustainable fishing methods.

Local fishermen point the finger mainly at Domincan fishermen who they say are the largest group of poachers in Bahamian waters.

However, the wives of some of the foreign fishermen maintain that their husbands adhere to the laws of The Bahamas and they called on the government to remember that they too have Bahamian families.

“If we cannot feed our families, tell me who will then,” another of the wives said. “Will the government feed my family or will the fishermen alliance feed my family. I have heard nothing from the association explaining exactly how our husbands are hurting the industry.”

The women also said that they support the laws being enforced on any foreign fishermen who are in violation of the laws of The Bahamas.

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