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Fire at BPL

In addition to Bahamas Power and Light’s (BPL) increased load shedding, there was a fire at the corporation’s Clifton Pier power plant on Friday.

BPL Public Relations Director Quincy Parker told The Bahama Journal yesterday that the fire was extinguished and affected one of the generator units.

However, Parker said the generator was returned to service.

During a press conference on Sunday, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Davis blamed previous fires at the power plant on BPL’s management.

“A new handpicked executive management team whose decisions led to multiple fires at the Clifton Pier, Blue Hills and Bimini power stations that severely compromised the power generation capacity and reliability of BPL, pushing this beleaguered public corporation to the brink of collapse with daily load shedding that proved disruptive and debilitating to the personal lives of Bahamians and harmful and threatening to the country’s national economy,” Davis said. 

“There was reportedly another fire at the Clifton Pier power plant on Friday, 9 August 2019, so the fires continue unabated.

“The criticism, condemning and repudiation of BPL continue to intensify as the government remains tone deaf to this public outcry.”

The PLP leader also claimed that the promised investigations into the multiple fires that led to the unplanned $95 million Wartsila deal have not been made public.

He said it is much “like the promised investigation into the circumstances that led to the collapse and eventual dissolution of the initial BPL board.”

“The $95 million Wartsila deal remains mired in controversy, covered in a dark cloud of secrecy and bears the stench of scandal and corruption. Why wasn’t Shell North America allowed to provide immediate bridge financing as part of the $200 million energy supply deal. I note that the government said the Shell NA was necessary because BPL and the government did not have the money to finance the much needed new power generation plants,” Davis said. 

“What and who was the source of this $95 million loan and why did its formal request not come to Parliament by way of resolution, resulting in a public and transparent Parliamentary debate? The government’s apparent secret smoked-filled room and backdoor deal making is not being transparent, accountable or fiscally responsible.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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