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Family: T’Rez Hepburn Not Dead


Family members of popular Bahamian singer T’Rez Hepburn are reportedly “in untold grief” after rumours that she had died in hospital began a nationwide circulation.

A press release issued by the family’s attorney Obi Pindling noted, however, that on the morning of Thursday July 5, the entertainer did in fact suffer a massive stroke and has since been in critical condition in the hospital.

According to Mr. Pindling, talks about the “Bus Driver” singer’s rumoured death began circulating ever since her hospitalisation has made the situation even worse for her family who are already trying to cope with her stroke.

“Needless to say, her mother, her son and other relatives also heard these rumours resulting in untold grief and sorrow, all on top of the obvious pain they were already experiencing,” he said in the release.

“The unfortunate thing about this, is that certain persons were posting these on Facebook and other social media as if it were fact without even trying to confirm the veracity of their information and worse without any consideration at all for the effect that these falsehoods would have on her family.

“On both occasions, at the request of T’Rez’s family, I resorted to social media and unofficially to the electronic media to unequivocally deny these rumours and to request the public’s co-operation that they cease and desist from spreading these excruciatingly painful falsehoods. Each time I did so, it was after consultation with her doctor to ensure that the information I was giving to the public was factual.”
According to the family attorney, to date, T’Rez is “still very much alive albeit, in critical condition and in a battle for her life.”

He added that rumours that she is “brain dead” are not true.

“To quote Dr. Magnus Ekedede, the neurosurgeon attending to her, when I spoke to him at about 10:15 p.m. last night, ‘how can she be brain dead when she squeezes my hand each time I see her?’He then called the hospital, then called me back saying, ‘Obi, I have no idea where these rumours are coming from but you can rest assured that they are just not true.’

“On behalf of T’Rez’s mother, son, siblings and numerous other relatives and friends, I humbly appeal and plead to people please have some concern, have some consideration for T’Rez’s family; please kindly refrain from spreading stories about T’Rez’s condition. You have no idea what you are doing to her family. Her poor mother was uncontrollably washed away in tears all night last night, unable to cope.”
According to Mr. Pindling, T’Rez has an excellent team of doctors who are doing everything possible to assist her.

“But we all know that she has the best doctor of all caring for her and that is her Lord and saviour Jesus Christ – for it is He, who is full control. Whatever he decides, no rumour from any source can defeat it,” he added. “Instead of spreading false rumours, let us all continue to look to the heavens and continue to call on God for his mercy and glory and also that he keeps her family strong during this most difficult time.”

The family of the popular Bahamian entertainer thanked the thousands of people who have expressed their prayerful support and love for T’Rez and her family “during this most difficult period and ask that you continue praying.”


Written by Jones Bahamas

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