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Error in Advanced Polls

Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall said yesterday that claims suggesting his department intentionally sabotaged yesterday’s advanced polls for the gender equality referendum are false, adding that the mistakes were made due to human errors.

On Tuesday, the advanced poll for the upcoming referendum was conducted here in New Providence, at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium and in Grand Bahama.

Late yesterday, voters in Grand Bahama discovered that the wrong date had been stamped on their cards after voting; with that date being 2013 as opposed to the current year, 2016.

As this caused a stir, especially throughout social media, with claims circulating that the intent of the government was to ensure all “no” ballots were spoiled.

However, the parliamentary commissioner sought to dispel that notion.

“It was an inadvertent mistake of one of our presiding officers. The date 2013 was put on the stamp instead of 2013. That’s a human error, and it did not invalidate the ballot. It was not put on the ballot paper. It was put on the voters’ card on the inside, which just signified that the person actually voted,” said Mr. Hall.

“We are human. Human error caused it. She did not change the date. She forgot to change the year,” he said.

Yesterday’s advanced poll was reserved for individuals not able to participate in next week Tuesday’s referendum.

This included law enforcement workers, government officials, as well as individuals working the polls next week.

According to Mr. Hall, other polling stations were operating outside of the country; namely London, Canada, New York, Atlanta, Washington, Miami and Cuba.

Despite Tuesday’s error, Mr. Hall said he is optimistic about the process of next week’s referendum.

“We anticipate a smooth sailing that everyone would work and do what they have to do. In life today we can’t guard against what will happen next week. We just hope that everyone comes out there in good health and everyone’s mind could properly function, and we do what is the best thing to do to perform to the best of our ability,” he said.

The referendum is set for next week Tuesday.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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