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Education Director Wants More Policies for Small Learning Environments

Director of Education Dr. Marcellus Taylor believes there should be more government policies to provide self-directed and smaller learning environments.

While appearing as a guest on Love 97’s radio talk show Jones and Co. on Sunday, Dr. Taylor said he has no objections to homeschooling and other specialized learning provided they are basic prescription.

“If someone knows that they want to be someone who works in technology field at 13, why couldn’t there be an academy – 50 children who are really high flyers into that,” Dr. Taylor said. 

“Why couldn’t someone set up an academy to deal with that?”   

The director of education believes this will spark intellectual curiosity and innovation in students as the focus in The Bahamas has been on mass education.  

“Our work has to be to create within our students the sense of curiosity, being intellectually curious, being critical thinkers – not just taking thing on face value. That we try go beyond the words and the numbers,” Dr. Taylor added. 

When the point was made that resolving inequality in education is not the responsibility of the state, Taylor refuted the notion. 

“It’s easy to say, ‘If you didn’t take advantage of it, it’s because you’re worthless and no good,’” Dr. Taylor said.

“I don’t even know that some of the people that say it now and do it now even realize because for so long we have address this issue of oppression and inequality among people.”    

Written by Jones Bahamas

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