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Dr. Sands Reconciles With Minnis

DUANE_SANDSIt appears as though the relationship between Free National Movement (FNM) Senator Dr. Duane Sands and Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has not been tarnished after the National Conventional, this according to Dr. Sands.

While not divulging too much information Dr. Sands said, “We straight,” during an interview The Journal.

Dr. Sands, who has been ratified for Elizabeth, said he intends to once again run for that constituency.

Dr. Sands lost to current Elizabeth MP Ryan Pinder twice – once in a by-election and in the 2012 general election.

Recently during the hosting of the Free National Movement’s Convention, Dr. Sands along with his running mate Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner vied for leadership of the party; however dropped out after citing an undemocratic campaign on the part of Dr. Minnis.

During the convention, Dr. Minnis offered various positions to his running mate and also alluded to a high post for Dr. Sands.

Dr. Sands has however remained tight lipped on the naming of the post and where he stands on the offer.

Mrs. Butler-Turner was offered a re-nomination in Long Island, a post she accepted, the post of leader of opposition business in the House of Assembly, a senior position in a Minnis Cabinet and prominent role in the FNM general election.

Mrs. Butler-Turner has also made it abundantly clear that she throws her support behind Dr. Minnis and wants all FNM’s to do the same.

The duo threw in the towel in the early morning hours of the the third night of the convention after Mrs. Butler-Turner said the party’s deputy Peter Turnquest snubbed her in his speech and the convention was undemocratic.

Mrs. Butler-Turner in a Facebook post, lambasted the organization of the convention making it clear that Dr. Minnis has been allotted more time to give his speech than she was.

Dr. Minnis was given 45 minutes while Mrs. Butler-Turner alleged that she was only given 10 minutes, however she spoke for over 44 minutes.

Towards the end of Mrs. Butler-Turners speech, supporters of Dr. Minnis started chanting “Roc Wit Doc”, to prompt her to end her speech.

Dr. Minnis emerged from the convention as the two-time leader of the party.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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