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Dr. Minnis Promises Improved Healthcare for Exuma

The torch burnt in Exuma on Saturday night as scores of supporters turned out to the Free National Movement’s (FNM) rally, as the party’s leader Dr. Hubert Minnis urged the jubilant crowd to give his party a chance to transform the island of Exuma.

Making promises to resolve the island’s pressing issues Dr. Minnis said an FNM government will focus on upgrading the health care system on that island.

“There is so much to be done in Exuma. Many of you are deeply concerned about the George Town hospital. There are issues regarding proper equipment, adequate staff, and fulfilling pharmaceutical needs. The closure of other clinics, like the Steventon Clinic, means that many people have to drive for miles for minor medical issues,” Dr. Minnis said.

“There is a need for improved dental care, and to increase the frequency of doctor visits to the cays.        As a doctor and as the former Minister of Health, your health care needs will be front and center in my government,” he said.

Dr. Minnis also reiterated his party’s other goals including improving the island’s infrastructure and expanding small business enterprises.

“The PLP continues to neglect your infrastructure needs. Many of your roads and verges are in terrible shape. Exuma, like other Family Islands, can only be developed if it has the proper infrastructure. The right infrastructure will help in the development of tourism and the lucrative second home market, which helps to significantly boost the economy of Exuma,” he assured.

“There are a number of stalled investments in Exuma under the PLP. They are in the habit of wanting something from investors in order for a project to move forward. An FNM government will work to revitalize these projects, without asking investors for a cut or a certain percentage. Exumians want to work. A new FNM government will work hard to bring investment, jobs and economic opportunity to Exuma. I understand that your straw market is in need of a new site and a dedicated structure. We will have to work on this,” he said.

Among those who addressed supporters last night were Exuma and Ragged Island’s candidate Navarro Bowe, who said his first order of business is to address the deficiencies in the healthcare system in Exuma.

“I will deliver. I am committed to creating and supporting initiatives that will modernize Exuma and create and oasis of opportunity for you, for your children, for your grandchildren and for generations unborn,” Mr. Bowe said.

The youngest kid on the block, the party’s standard bearer for Bain and Grants Town Travis Robinson, admonished Exumians to put their trust in the FNM.

“In this election it is our chance to keep this hope and the Bahamian dream alive. Be cautious though because the same Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government that brought us four downgrades in one term is asking for another,” Mr. Robinson charged.

“We cannot give them another.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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