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DPM Defends Symonette’s Contracts

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest cleared the air on St. Anne’s Member of Parliament Brent Symonette’s resignation from the Cabinet in the face of widespread reports of conflicts of interest.

Mr. Turnquest was adamant that never once did his former Cabinet colleague ask for any favorable consideration for contracts being awarded. Mr. Symonette, he said, won them fair and square.

“It is unfortunate that we as a community has grown and matured to the point where we can see successful people advancing and celebrate that success,” he said. 

“Regardless of what the background is, the fact of the matter is these companies employ Bahamians and the suggestion that because he has decided to enter public life that his family ought to suffer or the employees of these entities ought to suffer. I think this is a very disingenuous and dangerous position for them to take.”  

Furthermore, he said Mr. Symonette signaled from very early one that he would not go beyond his 65th birthday.

“I commend him for recognizing and stepping aside to give a younger minister an opportunity to contribute,” Mr. Turnquest said. 

“Again, it’s unfortunate that circumstances that are unrelated are being conflated into this development. But again, this is not a surprise to anyone who knows Mr. Symonette and would have had those conversations because personally we have had these conversations many times where he has indicated that he does not intend to go past his 65th birthday.

“He and the prime minister has come to an agreement that this would be the appropriate time with the beginning of the new fiscal year.”   

Despite resigning as a Cabinet minister, Mr. Symonette will remain as member of parliament for the St. Anne’s constituency.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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