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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest this past Friday labelled claims that the recently passed Immigration Bill 2019 allows for free movement of labour as “erroneous and mischievous”. 

This followed Bahamas Bar Association President Khalil Parker describing a significant point of the billas destructive and a move against the country’s best interest.

Mr. Parker added that the reforms could potentially threaten the legal profession. 

In response to this, Mr. Turnquest told reporters that he believes there is a misunderstanding of what the bill is trying to accomplish.

He said, “the fact of the matter is what we’re looking at is attracting to The Bahamas professionals and investors who are involved in industries that are not represented in The Bahamas or that are underrepresented in The Bahamas.”

He added, “these are specialty firms. So, if you look at the list of professionals that are listed in this bill, and you look at the reference to the Commercial Enterprise Bill, it sets out the kinds of industries that we are interested in attracting to The Bahamas.”

Mr. Turnquest added that this would aimed at the high level technical professionals and executives of corporations that may be operating in the country wanting to visit their establishment. 

This, he said, will enable them to be able to conduct business easily. 

This is all a part of the government’s plan to ensure that the country is an attractive investment destination. 

He reiterated that the bill does not allow for the free movement of individuals. 

The Minister said, “Immigration retains control of the boarders of The Bahamas, and they have the right to admit or reject any person that comes to The Bahamas. All we are trying to do is to make it convenient and efficient to allow those persons coming to visit their installations, to be able to do that without being harassed.”

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