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Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Deputy Leader Buscheme Armbrister yesterday defended former party leader Branville Mcartney following his controversial comments  published in a local daily this past Friday. 

Mr. McCartney suggested that children born to foreign parents should be entitled to apply for citizenship at birth. 

This in an effort to address the vexing issue of immigration in the country. 

Mr. Armbrister responded by saying  that as a former politician and private citizen, Mr. McCartney is entitled to his personal opinions and lend his voice to national issues from time to time.

“Additionally, as a former cabinet minister with responsibility for immigration, Mr. McCartney also has some insights on this subject matter,” he added.

He said that while Mr. McCartney‘s views do not constitute the official position of the party, he wishes to provide further clarity in this regard.

“The DNA’s Vision 2017 and beyond did not commit to the policy of citizenship at birth. The issue of citizenship by birth is complex and controversial with serious implications for the citizenry,” he said.  

He added, “it is not surprising therefore that only approximately 30 countries around the world have such a policy in place and some have reversed their national policies in this regard. It is common practice for nations that grant citizenship by birth to have established criteria for qualification as is currently the case in The Bahamas, rather than grant the same automatically at birth.”

He also assured that the party will comprehensively outline its platform and position on immigration for consultation with the public and that the party will “not kick this proverbial can down the road like the Free National Movement and Progressive Liberal Party have done for decades.” 

He explained that the party’s  position paper will articulate its immigration policy in a holistic manner, adding that it believes in the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of Bahamians under the constitution of the country. 

He also said that the DNA believes that there should be equity under the law and that all Bahamians, “whether male or female, married or unmarried should have the unequivocal right to pass on citizenship to their children.”

Additionally, the public can expect long-standing issues surrounding illegal migration, shanty towns, issuance of work permits, interpretation of article 7, residency and citizenship to be addressed in the position paper. 

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