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‘Die’ Stubbs Sympathetic for Victim’s Family – Expected To be Sentenced Today

Speaking through his probation report yesterday, convicted murderer Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs said he was sorry that the murder occurred and was sympathetic towards the victim’s family, but maintains he had nothing to do with it.

Heavily armed police officers and drug dogs had Bank Lane under heavy guard as Stubbs and his two co-accused Clinton Evans and Andrew Davis were brought in for sentencing.

The trio was found guilty back in August of the 1999 murder of Police Constable Jimmy Ambrose.

During the sentencing hearing, Assistant Director of Rehabilitative Services at the Department of Social Services Betty Farquharson read a summary of Stubbs’ probation report, which also outlined why they think his life might have gone down the wrong path.

According to Mrs. Farquharson, Stubbs spoke of how he is disappointed that authorities have presented him in a bad light to the public.

He also said he was sorry the incident occurred and sympathises with the victim’s family, but feels as though he was wrongly convicted.

When it came down to the psychiatrist report, Dr. Srinvas Vodha from Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre was taken aback as Stubbs’ attorney Murrio Ducille pointed out that the report he prepared is identical to that of Andrew Davis’.

The psychiatrist then acknowledged that he was correct and that the only thing that’s basically different on the reports are the birthdays and names.

Dr. Vodha said the main purpose of the evaluation is just to see if there is any mental illness, which none of the men proved positive for.

Another problem during the sentencing hearing was when Evans’ attorney Ramona Farquharson-Seymour asked, Assistant Superintendent of Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Winnifred Ferguson certain questions pertaining to the state of the client’s cell.

According to Mrs. Farquharson, while in maximum security, Evans has had to stay in a cell with no light, no mattress, one bucket that he defecates in and a jug he uses to urinate in.

According to Mrs. Farquharson, that same jug he has to use to fill water to and brush his teeth with.

ASP Ferguson denied the claims, but not without explaining why there is a shortage of lighting and fans in the condemned building that houses Evans.

The sentencing was adjourned to today at 11:00 a.m.

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